Letters from Students


Tomohiro Igarashi's Letter:  "Through Khris's English Lessons, I was able to understand how to use English because she teaches within the American Culture . . ."

Hakuo Watanabe's Letter:  ". . . learned from her conversation about such situations as renting a house, cafe, the hospital, car accidents, traffic tickets e.t.c . . ."

Katsuya Nakanishi's Letter:  "I recommend Khris to people who want to speak fluently and do business effectively in America."

Kenji Hamada's Letter:  "Khris is easy for me to understand. Because I have been able to understand Khris so well, I realize that if I spend time with other Americans, I will be able to understand them too."

Kenji Yano's Letter:  " I am very grateful to Khris for these lessons. My employees have improved their English and my wife has had an enjoyable time in America."

Koji Sato's Letter:  " She taught me how to interpret difficult news articles, the background of national holidays, and American history."

Takashi Bannai's Letter:  "... I want to be a creative businessman, not just an English speaker....And I think that is your expertise."

Y.A.’s Letter:  “私は2009年3月から6月までクリスから英語を学


北河 智幸:  "When I go back to Japan, I will remember that I talked to many people from many different countries while I was in America."

Sayuri's Letter:  "I took Khris’s yoga class with my friends and my daughter."

Yasu Kano:  "Now, I live in America.   I have a great chance to learn English in the American culture."

Yasuo Ishii and Izumi Oda’s Letter:   "Khris helped us not only improve our skill in English conversation but also gave us very good opportunities to understand the way Americans think."

Toru’s Letter:  "I took Khris’s class for three years."

Miwa’s Letter:  "Khris has a firm mind and she is gentle."

Y. Murayama's Letter:  "多くの日本のビジネスマンは、創造力豊かな人間になりたいと願っていますが、そこまで行き着く過程は並大抵のものではありません。明確なゴール ..."

Hyojung Suh:  “Khris was easy to talk to from the beginning.”

Ryozo Kannami's Letter:  "I appreciate your last lesson for my sons. I'm sure it was a wonderful ..."

T. H.'s Letter:  "I'm a little shy. For me, it is difficult to speak English. Little by little, I could ..."

T. Ito's Letter:  "Khris never runs out of topics, she uses her knowledge about business and culture as she teaches me the information. ..."

H. Kubota's Letter:  "She helps me describe my goals and future vision....I think Khris gives me confidence to be active in America.... ..."

T. Silveria's Letter:   "Her past experience in business was particularly important..."

S. Akahori's Letter:  "Khris thought deeply about my goals and provided the following ways for me to learn: . . ."

K. Nagao's Letter:  ". . .companies should encourage their employees to participate in [this] type of service . . ."

Kazuko's Letter:  ". . . I recommend that you find a safe person to be your mentor/friend in America. I recommend Khris. She can make your stay more comfortable.`"

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