Letters from students

Testimonial in Japanese

Khris taught me how to greet people and how to shake hands. This helped me a lot. I got accustomed to the way the Americans do this. Because of her lessons, my pronunciation of ‘th’, ‘r’, ‘l’ and ‘v’ have improved. These letters are difficult for most of the Japanese people. I also learned from her about such situations as renting a house, the café, the hospital, car accidents and traffic tickets. 

-- Hakuo Watanabe, Chief Financial Officer 

Before this lesson, my speaking recognition software could not recognize what I said at all. But now the software can recognize what I say.

-- Hiroshi Takagawa, Senior CAD Engineer

I believe that Khris understands that in order to learn the English language, one must go beyond grammar and proper word choice. I believe Khris knows how to teach a foreign language because she can expand her lessons to include ideology, cultural data, and how one might apply these lessons on their job.

-- Shiro Akahori, Engineer

Thanks for your consistent help. I would not have been accepted by the Boston University MBA committee on March 4, 1996 without your long term help and kindness.

-- Kozo Nagao, MBA Graduate

You gave me many opportunities to speak in English. You have a good skill to teach students. You made me feel very comfortable. I also like the articles. 

-- Jeong Park, Space Engineer

Because my wife, son and I are all your students, we sometimes talk about your lessons at home. For example, Kota said, ‘Today, Khris taught me how to pronounce ‘r’. Then we all practice together.

-- Koji Matsuoka, Production Control Manager

When we traveled to many different places together, I saw how Americans drive. I got familiar with different roads and learned directions to many places. I even learned about secret nature places that are not written in the tour books. She knows about walking trails in San Jose, Santa Cruz and San Francisco. Khris also introduced me to Hollywood movies. I went to the theatre with Khris and was able to listen to Americans laugh and learn about American humor. I highly recommend Khris’s tours to people who want to enjoy America and learn English at the same time.

-- Kiyo Seta


For one year and half, I took Khris’s class. We met once a week for two hours. Each time we met, we had a delicious lunch and then walked around downtown Mt. View. 

Khris demonstrated how to talk to the store clerks and other English speakers. I am shy, I am afraid to speak English. Khris helped me use my English, so now I am aggressive in talking with other people in English.

--Hitomi Suzuki