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Khris's team in Japan - Mayumi

Khris's team in Japan - Natsumi

Khris's team in Japan - Natsumi

What we offer


Business English

Women's Private Classes

Women's Private Classes

 These lessons teach you to be more effective in business conversations. Learn how to introduce yourself and what to say at meetings. Khris will give you many opportunities to speak English.


Women's Private Classes

Women's Private Classes

Women's Private Classes

 These classes are taught in local stores or coffee shops. Khris will give you opportunities to speak English "on the spot". Khris can also come to your home.


Moms With Kids

Women's Private Classes

Moms With Kids

 These classes will teach you how to live proactively in America. Practice speaking English at the park, library and local coffee shops.  Feel free to bring your children to class. 

Letter from Mayumi

To New Students, 

I usually had Khris’s classes at the park near Mt. View Library. There is a fun place for kids to play. I took my son to every class. He was one year old when we arrived and three years old when we returned to Japan. 

Sometimes we walked downtown together. I could talk to friendly store clerks. Khris likes to help her students talk to other English speakers. Khris was my American friend!

Now, I am in Japan. I have her Online Class. We can still be friends! I can remember English. I am so happy about that!

If you would like, I can help you set up a free trial lesson with Khris. Or, if you prefer, you can send a request for a free lesson to Khris. 

Khris and Emi work together in Mt. View. Emi speaks Japanese. Please see “About Us” on her website.

It is very important to have an American friend to enjoy the USA!! 

Mayumi Masuda (

 When I came to America, I had a list of things I wanted to do. I hired an ESL instructor named Khris to help me with my list. 

These are the things I wrote on my list:

1) learn about American culture

2) improve my English pronunciation

3) practice expressing my opinion in English

4) take a train and a bus so I could feel confident 

5) speak English with shop workers and friendly Americans

6) help my son feel safe and comfortable in America

7) plan interesting trips for my family

8) enjoy good restaurants and American food

I wanted more than just speaking and listening. I wanted “on the spot” English. This is Khris’s speciality. She is can teach English in a local coffee shop or she can take you on short tours. She has lived here for a long time and enjoys helping students practice English. She can make it fun! This is her style.

Also, Khris is very flexible. I could change my class easily. And, I could bring my son, if he was not in school that day. We went to the park many times. It was a good point for me. My son was very happy to spend time with Khris.

I recommend this class not only for businessmen and women, but also for Mom’s with kids. You can learn “lively” English!

If you have questions about Khris’s classes, please feel free contact me in Japanese! I can help you set up a free trial lesson.